Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

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Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

Postby faelee on Jan. 21, 2012 04:51 pm

Name: faelee
Class: Paladin
Level: 85

Primary Profession: Blacksmithing, Armorsmithing @ 525
Secondary Profession: Mining @ 525
Armory URL: ... e/advanced
Primary Spec: Holy
Secondary Spec: Protection

Played Time: 69 days
Connection Speed: Cable

Member Type: Main Raider

Members Known: Tarnu
Non-Member References: Realynne, Blacktracker. that's basically it because I just came over to this server. Anytime during the evening is probably good for both of them. I'd try sending in game mail :)

Monday Raid: No, 0-1 mondays per month (due to work, etc)
Tuesday Raid: Every tuesday evening
Wednesday Raid: Every wednesday evening
Thursday Raid: Every thursday evening
Friday Raid: Every friday evening
Saturday Raid: Every saturday afternoon
Sunday Raid: Every sunday evening

Raiding Experience: I've done 10 man fl up to but not including Ragnaros, and Dragon Soul but only in raid finder. First boss down in Dragon soul on reg 10 man.
Why Artifice: Raiding! Also I realy enjoy that you guys don\'t let people stand in fire! I\'d love to be in your 25man raids!

Most Recent Guild: <Article 15> (Guild Leader: Mauk(?))
Previous Guilds: Article 15 is a great guild to be in for social and casual playing, but I'm more interested in semi-hardcore raiding so I thought this guild would be more my style :)
Alternate Characters: I have a lvl 31 priest alt. that\'s it!

Deadly Boss Mods Installed: Yes
Omen Threat Meter Installed: Yes
Ventrilo Installed: Yes
Mic Available: Yes

Will Bring Flasks/Food: Yes
Will Arrive On-Time: Yes

Still Wants to Join: Yes

Additional Comments: I wish I had something awesome I've discovered lately.... but all I do is watch cat videos hahaha.

Next Step: An officer will be in contact with you soon faelee. If you have any comments or questions, please reply to this post. Thank you for your application to Artifice!

Application submitted on January 21, 2012, 6:51 pm.
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Re: Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

Postby Pyrianna on Jan. 21, 2012 05:35 pm

I have already contacted Migol and explained some of the circumstances regarding this player. I can say that Dex and Fae did not leave B Team, they were voted out by an officers meeting. They managed to alienate the entire guild in a matter of 3 days. I know I havent been on in a while however as a former raiding member of Art I feel that its not in the best interest of the guild to take these members on.
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Re: Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

Postby Jeeze on Jan. 21, 2012 06:12 pm

I'm disturbed by the fact you two (not going to post this in both threads) xfered here.. raided with a guild thats been forming all of 2-3 weeks are were already impatient enough to leave (or get voted out/removed if pyr is correct) Artifice is not a hard core guild, we don't boot folks for making mistakes so long as they learn from them. our beloved cow is very forgiving and gives many many many chances. so given the rashness, if you will, of which you left b team, i really dont see this as a spot for you.

p.s. I'm not an officer so i have no real power to deny an app, just my thoughts.

p.p.s. i also typed that with very bad punctuation and am too lazy to go back to fix it all.
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Re: Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

Postby Migol on Jan. 21, 2012 07:36 pm

Responding to both of them. Right now I've heard from 3 different perspectives, Pyrianna/B-team, then the apps themselves, and Tarnu (RL friend), so a 3 ways "he said she said". Atm my inclination is to give them an honest chance; drama causers don't tend to last long in Artifice anyway, so if it happens we'll deal with it as needed.
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Re: Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

Postby Fen on Jan. 21, 2012 08:10 pm

I ain't kicked anyone in like a month...starting to get the itch.
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Re: Application for faelee (L85 Paladin - Holy)

Postby rickcando on Mar. 07, 2012 02:31 pm

like to say faelee very kind person an a good healer ,
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