Application for Detk (L85 Death Knight - Frost)

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Application for Detk (L85 Death Knight - Frost)

Postby Detk on Sep. 01, 2011 08:36 pm

Name: Detk
Class: Death Knight
Level: 85

Primary Profession: Jewelcrafting @ 518
Secondary Profession: Mining @ 525
Armory URL: ... k/advanced
Primary Spec: Frost
Secondary Spec: Blood

Played Time: 25 days
Connection Speed: Cable

Member Type: Main Raider

Members Known: JeezeDK, Migol, Kainaba, Ryashon, Gothicemo, Etc...
Non-Member References: Zuuths, Ryashon (i guess current member), Magtrix, Reformist,

Monday Raid: Every monday evening
Tuesday Raid: Every tuesday evening
Wednesday Raid: Every wednesday evening
Thursday Raid: No, 0-1 thursdays per month (due to work, etc)
Friday Raid: Yes, 2 fridays per month
Saturday Raid: Yes, 3-4 saturdays per month
Sunday Raid: Yes, 3-4 sundays per month

Raiding Experience: I've killed all of T11 content, 2/7 in Firelands, all of which was 10 man normal mode.
Why Artifice: Because I have some friends here, it\'s a nice place...

Most Recent Guild: <Artifice> (Guild Leader: Migol)
Previous Guilds: Well.. Migol is a swell guy... i was here to heal at first, healing isnt very fun i found out... so now i'd like to DPS!
Alternate Characters: Raided all of T11 content on every toon.
85 Rogue
85 Priest

85 Hunter
85 Shaman

Deadly Boss Mods Installed: Yes
Omen Threat Meter Installed: Yes
Ventrilo Installed: Yes
Mic Available: Yes

Will Bring Flasks/Food: Yes
Will Arrive On-Time: Yes

Still Wants to Join: Yes

Additional Comments: Don't stand in fire.

Next Step: An officer will be in contact with you soon Detk. If you have any comments or questions, please reply to this post. Thank you for your application to Artifice!

Application submitted on September 1, 2011, 11:36 pm.
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Re: Application for Detk (L85 Death Knight - Frost)

Postby Ryujin on Sep. 27, 2011 09:05 pm

Sorry for not posting... or anyone posting... Heard from Migol you were working on gear for the main raid. Whisper me or send me a mail on here or WoW and let me know how that is going.
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