A Brief History of Artifice

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A Brief History of Artifice

Postby Briony on Dec. 09, 2010 01:45 pm

Artifice was formed in late 2005 by the following members:

- Briony
- Crystalflame (Original Guild Leader)
- Gearon
- Lazari
- Marowi
- Mathemira
- Moodeep
- Omygollygosh
- Soggybottom

The guild progressed through Molten Core and successfully killed Ragnaros, the only raid-dungeon available at the time. When Black Wing Lair was released, Artifice immediately tackled the new challenges. Things were going well, until...

In August of 2006, free server transfers were opened up on Shadowsong to a PVP realm. This was the first time Blizzard had allowed characters move from a PVE realm to a PVP realm. The opportunity was enticing and several key officers and members took advantage of the server transfer which left Artifice with fewer members than necessary to continue progress in Black Wing Lair. Half the guild ended up leaving and Artifice was on the verge of collapse, until...

Migol, a veteran at the time, stepped up to the plate and offered to take over leadership of the guild. After careful consideration, the reigns (and the guild bank) were handed over. Artifice struggled for several months until it joined with a little known guild called Death Industry. This merger built Artifice up from a meager existence to the prestigious powerhouse that it still is to this day!

Artifice started progressing through content at an astonishing pace, earning both the esteemed Astral Walker and the Kingslayer titles for its' members. As the current guild leader of Artifice, Migol has demonstrated extreme patience and understanding with a variety of personalities over the years, which is a key trait required to manage such a large guild. Artifice has grown from just under 50 members in 2005 to over 500 members in 2010 and currently stands as one of the oldest, most respected guilds on the server.

As we continue to battle against the burning legion, Artifice strives to maintain its' tradition of excellence with open arms to all who wish to join our ranks
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